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2017 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

IDUG 2017: Best Bits and Geek Gallery

It’s hard to believe that Bonfire Night is almost upon us and that it’s been a month since our trip to glorious, sunny Lisbon where some of the Triton team had the pleasure of attending another fantastic IDUG EMEA Technical Conference.

We all had an amazing time catching up with friends old and new, and it’s always exciting to hear about the latest developments in the world of DB2. Firstly, we would like to say a big thank you to the Conference Planning Committee, without them the great educational programme and conference wouldn’t take place.

We have so many best bits to share with you, too many to mention in fact, however here are some of our technical session highlights:

  • John Campbell’s double session on DB2 12 Early Migration Experiences. As always, there was way more information than even a 2-hour session could deliver so the presentation deck will be a gift that keeps on giving as we support customers moving to V12 in the future.
  • Pat Bossman’s DevOps VSP session. Some great info and real-world experiences on how customers are integrating IBM Admin/Object Compare tool into their DevOps toolchains.
  • Bart Steegman’s DB2 12 Performance Topics session. The recently published Redbook meant that there was an astonishing amount of material to cover (71 slides in an hour!) and that could have been a real slog, but Bart made it fun and informative as always.
  • Nigel Slinger’s Machine Learning on z for Beginners. Nigel’s deep background in DB2 development and sudden reallocation to the z Machine learning product last year has given him a unique insight into how to explain the technology and implications of this important new area to a DB2 technical audience.
  • Akiko’s presentation on zNext z14 Performance was interesting and the pervasive encryption elements fascinating. Lots of good instrumentation extensions covered for the encryption bit anf zHiperlink.

Other session highlights include:

  • Haakon Roberts on V12 Utilities updates. Lots of good maintenance information.
  • Isaac Yassin’s entertaining presentation on real world DR scenarios. I felt sorry for “Isaac’s Cat” – like Schrodinger’s, but with a three-phase electrical patch board, rather than a box and some gas…..You had to be there….

A bit like the Triton and DBI Software party. We thoroughly enjoyed this year’s reception at La Trattoria restaurant; it was a fantastic venue to host our party. The décor, service and atmosphere were fantastic. A great night filled with some amazing food (we particularly enjoyed the chorizo and cheese wraps and the mushroom risotto) and a few people actually got the quiz answers correct ?. This year we ran a Geocaching competition around the streets of Lisbon. We were thankful to all those who braved the heat to take part – the winners certainly deserved their prizes.

Congratulations to the following:

1st Prize – Roland Schock

2nd Prizes – Lutz Becker, Veit Blaeser and Christian Gubert

 3rd Prizes – Paul Mertz, Doreen Walter and Ole Holmskov.

Congratulations also to two of the Triton Consulting team, Julian Stuhler and Iqbal Goralwalla. Iqbal, Head of Midrange Services, received the “2017 DB2 Gold Consultant Award” for up and coming Gold Consultant at the Annual IBM DB2 Awards Ceremony at the IBM IDUG DB2 Reception Dinner.

Julian, Head of Solutions Delivery was amongst the “Top 10 Overall Speakers” with his presentation Total Recall: Exploiting In-Memory Features in DB2 12 for z/OS. If you missed Julian’s session you can catch him at the GSE Conference on Tuesday at 12:00.

Thanks again to everyone for making the conference such a great event. We hope to see you all again next year.

A big thank you from the Triton Consulting team







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