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Increasing Datacentre Security and Availability Whilst Reducing Complexity

Security continues to be a major concern for IT executives. The latest study from the UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills shows increases across the board in security breaches, systems or data corruption and the costs incurred:

• 78% of large organisations were attacked by an outsider in the last year (up from 73% a year ago)

• 39% of large organisations were hit by denial-of-service attacks in the last year (up from 30% a year ago)

• 20% of large organisations detected that outsiders had successfully penetrated their network in the last year (up from 15% a year ago)

• 14% of large organisations know that outsiders have stolen their intellectual property or confidential data in the last year (up from 12% a year ago)

• 93% of large organisations had a security breach last year

• £450-850k is the average cost to a large organisation of it’s worst security breach of the year.

• Two thirds of large organisations suffered from systems failure or data corruption during the year.

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There are many security products available in the market. However, choosing the safest possible server technology to begin with is the best place to start. Organisations running multiple distributed servers can now benefit from the unparalleled security and availability of IBM System z.

Enterprise Linux Server from IBM is based on the IBM System z server technology, widely recognised throughout the industry to be the most available and secure platform in the marketplace. IBM System z is the only commercial server to achieve Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 5+ security classification. Customers running this hardware are given the confidence to run many different applications containing confidential data on a single mainframe. In fact, the zEC12 includes a new state-of-the-art, tamper resistant cryptographic co-processor called Crypto Express4S that provides privacy for transactions and sensitive data.

IBM’s Enterprise Linux Server utilises the legendary power and reliability of System z, which can boast 99.999% reliability.

With the legacy of System z server technology, ELS thrives under heavy workloads. ELS is designed to avoid or recover from failures for extremely high levels of business availability. The latest virtualisation software version allows for nondisruptive Live Guest Relocation, avoiding planned software and server outages.

Simplifying the datacentre
Many customers run both Oracle and DB2 for different applications. With ELS, the overall size of the server farm can be reduced and simplified by consolidating all databases onto one single ELS. For customers running Oracle databases, Enterprise Linux Server is an ideal option for consolidation because Oracle solutions can easily fit into the disaster recovery infrastructure that is already in place for System z.

A single physical server provides a truly centralised environment that is easier to manage and maintain. New virtual servers can be created and deployed in seconds, rather than the days or weeks necessary to order and configure a new physical x86 server.

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