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New Service Launch – DB2 Mainframe Tuning Package – zTune

Reduce mainframe costs, defer upgrades and improve performance

London February 2010 – In an extension to their current services portfolio IBM Premier Business Partners, Triton Consulting Ltd are pleased to announce zTune – a database tuning package designed to reduce IT costs and improve application performance.

Download the zTune white paper

Triton has been involved in performance tuning for the past 12 years and the service has now been launched as a pre-defined tuning package. Although primarily concentrating on DB2 tuning the service can also encompass z/OS, CICS, DB2 Connect, Websphere Application Server, networks and storage subsystems.

“Performance is always an important focus area for our clients. At any given time, at least one of our consultants will usually be working on performance-related work somewhere. Most recently Triton has become involved in tuning DB2 workloads running for ERP applications such as SAP and Siebel. These pose some very different challenges to more traditional workloads.” Paul Stoker, Sales & Marketing Director & Principal Consultant, Triton Consulting.

Performance Improvement
Applications are often simply coping with current cpu usage but not performing to their best. This means systems are either upgraded earlier than necessary or organisations have to cope with underperforming systems. To maintain an underperforming system takes more time for IT teams and adds pressure from the business teams who are calling for improved response times.

“One of the major challenges in any environment is determining which component is responsible for poor response time. I often liken this to the classic board game of “Cluedo”: one has to logically and methodically eliminate potential culprits until you’re left with the guilty party!” Julian Stuhler, Solutions Delivery Director, Triton Consulting & IBM Data Champion

Can tuning do enough to reduce costs?
Although performance is a key issue for many organisations, the major driver for many IT teams is the need to reduce mainframe resource usage and thereby potentially defer hardware upgrades and reduce monthly MIPS costs.

By implementing key procedures, ongoing costs will be reduced and mainframe upgrades can be deferred. In addition, application performance will be enhanced and overall TCO reduced.

No Savings No Fee
zTune particularly benefits those with older applications that haven’t been actively maintained for a while, or who have lost some of their deep DB2 skills through retirement or redundancy. The zTune service works by charging the client a percentage of the savings made through tuning.

Customer Example
Triton Consulting carried out a tuning project for a Swiss insurance company who were looking at having to pay for a very expensive mainframe upgrade in order to cope with the peak workload they experienced during their busiest time of year. After some data gathering and analysis, Triton were able to recommend some DB2 and CICS tuning activities that removed nearly 20% of their peak CPU requirement, allowing them to defer the upgrade for a full 18 months.

About Triton Consulting
Triton Consulting are Data Management specialists and IBM Premier Business Partners. Specialising in DB2 for both the mainframe and distributed systems, Triton provide a full range of services from consultancy through to education and 24/7 DB2 support. For more information on the zTune service visit – https://www.triton.co.uk/DatabaseTuning.php

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