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Register now for our DB2 11 for LUW Webcast Series!

DB2 for LUW Version 11.1 was announced in April, 2016 and will eGA in June.

Please join George Baklarz, Program Director from the IBM Analytic Platform Group and Iqbal Goralwalla, Head of DB2 Midrange at Triton Consulting for a series of four webcasts that will outline the many technical and business benefits within the new release.

Details and registration links for each session can be found below.


Webcast #1: DB2 for LUW V11.1 – A Packaging and Technology Overview, May 31, 2016 4:00 PM BST

DB2 Version 11.1 was announced in April, 2016 and will eGA in June. New features include BLU support on MPP, OLAP pushdown and performance enhancements in BLU, pureScale simplification, and plenty of new SQL to keep your developers confused for months! Listen in to this session to get a general overview of this release along with details on some packaging enhancements (Teaser: You get some stuff for free on all DB2 editions in Version 11.1!)

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Webcast #2: DB2 for LUW V11.1 – BLU Enhancements that expand your Warehousing Capability, Jun 07, 2016 4:00 PM BST

One of the major features of DB2 Version 11.1 is improved BLU performance and the support for BLU in an MPP environment. This session will go into details on what the new BLU features are and how you can take advantage of them in your environment. If you are already using BLU, you will really want to listen into this call because there are major performance enhancements that you will be able to instantly take advantage of!

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Webcast #3: DB2 for LUW V11.1 – pureScale Revisited: New platforms, easier deployment, and full HADR support, Jun 14, 2016 4:00 PM BST

DB2 pureScale was initially released in December of 2009. Since then there have be major enhancements and features added to this feature in DB2. Now in DB2 Version 11.1, pureScale gains some significant new features including easier deployment, full HADR support, virtualization enhancements, and performance improvements. In addition, pureScale in a two-node "HA" cluster is now included in all DB2 editions. So now there shouldn’t be any reason for you to try out pureScale and improve the availability and manageability of your systems.

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Webcast #4: DB2 for LUW V11.1 – SQL for the Converted: New DB2 syntax that makes it easier to port SQL, Jun 21, 2016 4:00 PM BST

DB2 Version 11.1 contains a wealth of new SQL features, including a number of compatibility features for Oracle, Postgres and Netezza (PDA) SQL. This session will take you through the list of SQL enhancements and how you can use them. Perhaps you will even be able to figure out what these features are useful for!

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