New to Db2?

Db2, IBM’s flagship relational database

For over thirty years it has been optimised to deliver industry-leading performance across multiple workloads whilst lowering administration, development and server costs.

With new features being added in every release, Db2 remains at the forefront of database technology and supports the latest applications.

As the cornerstone of the IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform, Db2 offers leading performance, scale and reliability across on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions running on platforms from a simple Docker container to the biggest enterprise-class server clusters.


Advanced access control features allow permissions to be granted from the database level right down to individual rows and columns, with built-in auditing features to track who accesses the data.  Encryption ensures data is inaccessible to unauthorised users.

High Availability

From simple to set up and use warm standby servers using the High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) feature to active-active pureScale clusters with up to 128 nodes, Db2 keeps your data available and your business running through planned maintenance and unplanned server outages.

Multi Workload Scalability

Db2 scales up from modest requirements to the largest servers, and can also scale horizontally to support the biggest OLTP and OLAP workloads thanks to the pureScale and Database Partitioning Features.  Converged HTAP workloads are supported by advances in BLU columnar and in-memory database technology.  Response times across all workloads can be protected by the WLM workload management features to ensure every customer gets the best possible user experience.


Self-Tuning Memory Management (STMM) allows Db2 databases to adapt to their workload, ensuring consistently high performance as demands on the database change.  Automated storage management and maintenance policies allow DBAs to focus on high-value tasks rather than keeping the database running.


Reduce storage and server memory costs with highly effective compression of data and indexes, and benefit from reduced backup bandwidth and storage requirements by compressing backup and log files.

Application Development

Traditional development languages such as C++ and Java along with scripting languages such as Python, Perl, PHP and Ruby have been supported for many years and native plugins are available for popular IDEs such as Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio.  Db2 integrates easily into a DevOps pipeline using both commercial and open source tooling such as Docker, Jenkins and Puppet.


Porting applications from other databases such as Oracle, Sybase and MySQL to Db2 is made easier with the option to enable vendor-specific extensions to the SQL syntax.

Linux, UNIX and Windows editions of Db2 share a code base which ensures applications written for any edition can easily be moved to any other edition on any of these platforms, including cloud, allowing an application to scale from the smallest to the largest database platform with no code changes.


Bring together a disparate database estate without the cost of extracting the data as the federation features enable standard SQL in a Db2 database to query other data sources – both relational such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL and non-relational such as Hadoop and MongoDB.

Db2 Software Editions

Developer C

Free to download and use all features across all platforms, this edition of Db2 can be used for development, test and production systems.  Available as a full install or download a Docker image and be up and running in minutes.

Workgroup Server Edition

A scalable database solution designed for small to medium sized organisations looking to benefit from the flexibility and lower ownership costs of Db2.

Enterprise Server Edition

Aimed at large enterprise level customers and the most demanding online applications, this edition provides the scalability to handle any workload.

Db2 Direct Edition

A flexible solution aimed at customers who want to run workloads across a hybrid cloud or move databases between on-premise and cloud.

Standard editions of WSE, ESE and Db2 Direct now include features such as pureScale standby node, table partitioning and multi-dimensional clustering, encryption and federation to Db2 and Informix.  Choose the advanced editions to take advantage of high-end features including database partitioning, BLU Acceleration, compression, federation to non-IBM data sources and MQ based replication.

Db2 Help

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