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Six Reasons to Love DBI Software’s pureFeat™ V6.1 Performance Management Suite

Our partners at DBI software have recently announced the release of the pureFeat™ V6.1 Performance Suite for IBM DB2 LUW. This tool makes it faster and easier than ever to fight the right fires fast. We think there are six top features which makes this the DB2 LUW tool to love:

1. Visual Lock Contention Map – makes it easy and fast to see which connections are blocking others, with the option to terminate either blocker or waiter.

2. SQL Activity – This display allows you to see what SQL statements are currently running and take steps to analyse and improve their performance. The information can be displayed in one of three ways – by CPU consumption, I/O resource usage and by execution time.

3. Last Used Default Schema – The default schema that was last specified by a user is now remembered and used in subsequent explains and physical design requests. A default schema is saved for each database and is unique to each user of the product.

4. New DBM & DB Configuration Displays – Two new tables have been added to the profile configuration panel to show current database manager and database configuration settings for a selected database.

5. Fast Path to Statement Compare from Database Compare – Users are now able to traverse from the “Database Compare Workload” panel directly to the “Statement Compare Workload” panel for the same timeframes. This is a great update because it eliminates the need to re-enter the before and after timeframes for the statement compare panel.

6. Multi-User Workspace Enhancement – Multiple employees sharing the same secure machine will have their user-specific settings respected. This is typically useful in environments using Citrix.

The pureFeat™ V6.1 Performance Suite for IBM DB2 LUW product was recently named as a DBTA trend-setting product for 2015 – find out more

Triton Consulting are exclusive providers of DBI Software products to the UK market, we recently helped Camelot implement the DBI Brother-Panther® product.

Find out more about DBI Software’s pureFeat™ V6.1 Performance Management Suite.

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