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2018 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

Still running DB2 V10.1 or older? Don’t panic!

It is still possible to get access to specialist DB2 skills, even if you’re running an out of support version of DB2. Consultancy on Demand (CoD) from Triton Consulting is available on all versions of DB2 including those which are officially out of support with IBM. This means that even if you’re forced to say on an officially unsupported DB2 version you can still benefit from access to top DB2 skills when you need them.

There are several reasons why an organisation may need to stay on an unsupported version of DB2:

  • Cost – upgrade costs include not only software licence fees but also the cost of the skilled staff who are going to perform the upgrade.
  • Time – pulling key staff off everyday duties may simply not be an option in some organisations, particularly at busy times of the year such as seasonal peaks or holiday season.
  • Risk – sometimes organisations have applications which only support DB2 up to a certain release. In this scenario, moving to a new release can actually increase risk for that application.
  • We’re managing as we are! Given the potential cost, time and risk involved, if an organisation is managing with the version they are on it can be tough to justify the upgrade.

Do any of these sounds familiar? We understand that sometimes circumstances dictate a need to stay on an unsupported version of DB2. Although this can be a necessary course of action in some instances, it does present a considerable amount of risk.

Using Consultancy on Demand for out of support versions of DB2 is a great way to make sure that you have access to skilled DB2 resource in case any issues arise. Available in packages from 20, 50 or 100 hours of consultancy, which can be called off as and when needed it is a highly cost effective.

Find out more about Consultancy on Demand for out of support versions of DB2.

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