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2014 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

Three steps to IDUG EMEA Happiness

Step One – Seek a Geek

Step Two – Pick up an invitation to the Triton drinks reception

Step Three – Join the Triton party!

With just under three months until IDUG EMEA the Triton team is looking forward to this year’s event. Unfortunately there will be no sipping of drinks on the balcony feeling the warm Spanish sun on your skin. This year the DB2 Geeks will be packing their jumpers and heading back to Prague to discuss everything there is to know about the latest DB2 developments. We’ve already started planning our annual Triton drinks reception so we thought we’d give our blog readers a heads-up on the arrangements made so far.

To gain entry to the Triton drinks reception IDUG EMEA attendees will need to complete a mini challenge.  This year you will need to Seek the Geek! Don’t worry, you won’t be able to miss them, we’ll be providing the Triton team with some rather fetching DB2 Geek t-shirts so they stand out in the crowd.  Once you’ve spotted one simply request an invitation and head over to the Benada Restaurant from 8pm on Monday 10th November. You’ll find the function room on the 2nd Floor of the Clarion Congress Hotel.

Our DB2 Geeks will have a limited number of invitations, so first come first served! The DB2 Geeks are under strict instructions not to hand out invitations until Monday 10th November, so coercing with tea and cake will prove fruitless.

In typical Triton style we’ll have some top prizes on offer to the lucky competition winners – more details to follow. Winners of the competition will be announced on the night, so make sure you stick around to see if you will be crowned The Ultimate DB2 Geek 2014 champion. As usual our event will have the odd surprise so make sure you bring your camera! #DB2Geek

We’ll be providing further information leading up to the event, so we suggest subscribing to our newsletter to keep up to date. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.



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