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Triton Consulting launches new DataOps service

Triton Consulting, the independent data management and digital transformation service provider, has just added DataOps to its portfolio of client services.

Data is a vital resource for every business. But many organisations find it hard to get hold of the right data, at the right time, to the right level of quality. Some simply have too much data, while others don’t know exactly what data they have, or who owns and controls it.

When it comes to data, what matters most to decision-makers is quality, not quantity. In a 2021 survey by S&P Global Market Intelligence, nine out of 10 respondents say that data quality and trust will become more important than data volume/quantity to their organisation over the next 24 months.

DataOps allows organisations to take control of their data. It helps them create an overarching strategy for managing, sharing and getting value from their data in every area. When the whole organisation has a harmonised approach, everyone can benefit from useful, high-quality data, exactly when and where they need it.

In addition to the best of data engineering practices, the core principles of DataOps are taken from DevOps, an approach that uses collaboration, automation and virtualisation to help teams in software development and IT operations work together more effectively.

Those are the exact areas where data suppliers struggle. In the S&P survey, ‘bottlenecks in people, process or technology’ were reported as a top pain point by 31% of respondents, followed closely by ‘not enough automation available’ at 27%. With 55% of all respondents agreeing either ‘somewhat’ or ‘completely’ that data is often stale or out of date by the time it’s used it is clear that these challenges are having a major impact – and with 38% of respondents reporting a ‘lack of personnel or skills’ as their top pain point, they are struggling to overcome these challenges alone.

Although DataOps is on the radar for many organisations, 90% of survey respondents admit that they have yet to achieve an ‘optimised’ DataOps strategy. Triton’s service has been specifically designed for firms in this position, to help them work out what they need to change, and how they can put DataOps into practice.

‘Every organisation can see that DataOps makes sense, but they may not have the resources or skills in-house to make it a reality,’ says James Cockayne, DataOps Principal Consultant at Triton. ‘Our new service will give them the helping hand they need, so they can stop worrying about their data and start using it to generate real value in every area of their business.’

To learn more about Triton’s DataOps offering, visit https://www.triton.co.uk/dataops/ or contact James and his colleagues on 0870 2411 550



About Triton Consulting

Triton Consulting are experts in Hybrid Data Management and Digital Transformation. The company’s team of consultants represent some of the most highly experienced and qualified in the industry, and are able to advise on a range of data management solutions from IBM and the major cloud vendors. Triton are internationally recognised for their expertise and can boast five IBM Gold Consultants and six IBM Champions for Data and AI, with consultants certified on AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM cloud platforms.

Triton Consulting has been providing consultancy services for over 25 years. As well as expert consultancy in all areas of data management, Triton also cover a wider spectrum of high-level consultancy including senior project management, technical planning, technical architecture, performance tuning and systems programming.


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