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Triton Consulting Proudly Sponsors Clodagh Farrell for the 4th World Deaf Football Championships

Triton Consulting is excited to announce its sponsorship of Clodagh Farrell, who will be representing the England Deaf Women’s Football Squad at the 4th World Deaf Football Championships set to kick off on Friday, September 23, 2023, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This exciting endeavour is not only a testament to Clodagh’s determination and talent but also underscores the importance of having a women’s football team within the Deaf community.

The England Deaf Women’s Football Squad has a clear mission: to empower deaf female footballers and provide them with accessible opportunities to represent their country on an international stage. With Clodagh Farrell as one of their star players, the team is set to make a significant impact at the World Deaf Football Championships.

Clodagh’s journey to the world stage is nothing short of inspirational. Having experienced severe hearing loss from the age of two, she became one of the youngest individuals to receive ear implants to help restore her hearing. Despite facing this challenge, Clodagh’s determination and love for football have driven her to compete at a competitive level for several years.

Her selection for the World Deaf Football Championships is a remarkable achievement. Clodagh’s participation will undoubtedly inspire countless others facing similar challenges to pursue their dreams and passions.

Triton Consulting’s sponsorship further emphasises the company’s commitment to supporting athletes and individuals who are breaking barriers and achieving excellence in their chosen fields. Triton Consulting is proud to stand behind Clodagh Farrell as she represents England on the international stage and helps raise awareness about the importance of Deaf women’s football teams.

The 4th World Deaf Football Championships promises to be a thrilling event, celebrating not only the incredible talent of deaf athletes but also the spirit of inclusivity and determination. Triton Consulting wishes Clodagh Farrell and the entire England Deaf Football Team the best of luck in their quest for victory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Stay tuned for updates on Clodagh’s journey and the tournament’s progress as we support her every step of the way.

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