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Triton’s Remote DBA Service Goes Global

Triton Consulting, the UK’s largest independent information management consultancy, is delighted to be expanding its international reach with the announcement that its Remote DBA service is now available to clients anywhere in the world.  With a 24×7 Support Desk and processes already established for handling clients outside of its UK base, expansion of their high quality support service is a logical progression for Triton Consulting.

Companies are well aware of the high staff costs associated with employing database support staff, plus extra payments for on-call cover.  Triton’s Remote DBA service enables you to benefit from stable, secure management for all components of your DB2 infrastructure, minus the associated staffing costs and technical issues.  Proven processes are implemented to manage ongoing change within your technical environment, and regularly and proactively examine your systems to prevent problems from developing before service is affected.

Remote DBA is uniquely designed to provide the highest level of stability for business critical operations.  Clients receive a superior level of personalised care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  provided by highly experienced professionals:  working in different time zones is therefore not a problem.  A Triton Technical Manager works closely with your own staff to build a detailed understanding of your environment, and to ensure a fast – accurate response and resolution to any support issues.

Remote DBA from Triton offers:

  • A fixed price with a guarantee of no hidden extras
  • Unlimited support calls
  • Unlimited support hours
  • Unrivalled DB2 expertise
  • No performance monitoring tool costs – the DBI Toolset is included
  • No staff costs, sick pay or holiday pay to incur
  • A free database health check as part of the package


Triton offers support services for the following environments:

  • DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows
  • DB2 for z/OS


There are two different packages available for global customers: ‘Remote DBA 24×7’ and ‘Remote DBA 24×7 PLUS‘.   The two packages differ in their response times, either 1 or 2 hours, and whether you require support for 4 or 8 databases.  All other features as stated above are common to both packages.   

The organisation ‘Research Now’ are part of E-Rewards Inc., the world’s leading B2B and B2C research panel provider and data collection services company.  Research Now have been using Triton’s  Remote DBA service since January this year.  Parvesh Kumar, Director of Database and Application Services explains the great benefits that Remote DBA from Triton has brought to the company:

"Our business spans across several continents, from the Americas to Europe to Australia and therefore across various time zones.  Consequently, we required a 24×7 DB2 support service and Triton’s ‘Remote DBA 24×7 Plus’ service fit the bill perfectly. The support team are all very professional, extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of DB2 and totally dependable at any time. We’ve had good experiences all along the way."

Take the step to supporting your business critical applications!  To obtain further details please click here to visit Triton’s Remote DBA webpage.  

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