2018 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

We get by without a DB2 DBA, why would I need RemoteDBA?

There are several reasons why an organisation may feel that they can’t justify the cost of an in-house DB2 DBA.

Sometimes the only reason an organisation has a DB2 database is because their software application was shipped alongside DB2. For organisations running Oracle or SQL Server it can often be viewed as not worth investing in a permanent member of staff to support what is seen as a small element of the overall IT infrastructure.

Perhaps DB2 was inherited through an acquisition and whilst it sits under a critical software application the organisation may feel that their existing staff can cope with any potential issues and so decide not to invest in specific DB2 skills.

Many small and medium sized businesses who are dealing with squeezed budgets simply can’t afford the cost of bringing in another team member – especially a highly skilled DBA.

This is all well and good while things are running smoothly. “Getting by” can work for a while. However, there is always the question of what happens if there is a problem.

If you’re not sure that you need a remote database support service, just consider the following for a moment:

• Other DBMS systems have very different structures and commands to DB2 – this means that staff skilled in other systems may struggle to cope if issues arise in DB2.

• Where does your IT team go for DB2 support or advice?

• What would be the cost to your business if one of your DB2 applications was down for an hour/day/week?

With RemoteDBA Office, organisations can benefit from expert DBA support for a fraction of the cost of a full-time DB2 DBA. All RemoteDBA services have a fixed cost with no hidden extras, making budgeting straightforward. Find out how the cost of a RemoteDBA Office support service compares to one full-time DBA.

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