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What Are Your DB2 z/OS Migration Plans?

Triton Consulting really are the UK experts on DB2, being IBM Premier Business Partners and with several IBM Information Champions and Gold Consultants in the team.  The area of version migration is one which is a particular favourite of ours – we’re so passionate about techie matters that we even have the email address geeks@triton.co.uk !

Migration can be a minefield  with administrators having to be aware of those all-important cut off dates for systems’ support.  DB2 v8 for z/OS went out of support six weeks’ ago and version 9 will be out of support on the 27th June 2014.  This may seem a long way off but it’ll be here before we know it.  It’s vital to start planning well in advance so that you have all bases covered in plenty of time.

Triton can help you to manage the process of z/OS migration planning and implementation which we realise can be a daunting prospect.   Just a few of the challenges you can face are implementing new features and enhancements; minimising the impacts of downtime during the migration project, and technical  training to ensure that everyone knows how to work with the upgraded features.  We can take the pressure off with our extensive experience , providing upgrade support and implementation services, after guiding you through the often complex version upgrade decisions.

We have a range of DB2 migration services, as follows:

  • Pre-Migration Health Check: Do you need an assessment of whether everything’s in place for the migration?  We offer a one day session which forms a key part of the migration planning process.  You’re also provided with a report of advance actions needed to exploit new features once the new version is in place.
  • Migration Service:  This service is tailored to your exact requirements – if the migration’s being carried out in-house we’ll help with advice and guidance.  Alternatively our DB2 Consultants can provide a complete installation, configuration and migration service. 
  • New Version Exploitation Service: This is delivered after all DB2 subsystems have been successfully migrated and assists you to make the most of new features. 
  • New Version Education: Triton offers comprehensive training  on DB2 z/OS, giving you all the information you need quickly. 
  • Migration Seminar: A one day session for those in house people directly responsible for migration, covering performing the migration, common installation problems and how to avoid them! 

Even if you’re already half way through or have completed your migration,  we can help with knowledge transfer and training services for DB2 versions 9 and 10.

Triton Director Julian Stuhler has written extensively on the subject of DB2 upgrades and a useful article entitled ‘IBM DB2 10 for z/OS: Justifying The Upgrade’ can be found here.  In addition, take a look at the ‘Upgrade Decision Making’ diagram below to assist with identifying which path to take:

Further information on the migration services offered by Triton can be found at the following pages, https://www.triton.co.uk/migration/ and https://www.triton.co.uk/migration-update-support/ .  Details of IBM’s withdrawal dates for System z products can be found by clicking here .   

Triton Consulting specialise in DB2 for mainframe and midrange customers, providing consultancy and support to customers throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.  For more information click here or email us with all your DB2 queries at geeks@triton.co.uk .

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