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Worried about your database? Plan the unplanned

Data is becoming larger, deeper, wider, and more detailed. At the same time, businesses want it to be available 24/7, more quickly and more responsively than ever before.

The responsibility for delivering all this falls on the shoulders of DBAs who must deal with a range of challenges as they grapple with the task of database management.

DBAs must constantly balance the need for maintenance and upgrades against the demand for continuous availability. At the same time, they also have to respond immediately to any slowdown or outage in database service.

Businesses face steep costs when their mission-critical production databases go down. Studies indicate that four in 10 outages cost between $100,000 and $1 million – and about one in six costs over $1 million. These days, if your vital data isn’t available, you probably can’t do business.

On top of that, there is huge reputational damage when customers see your business struggling with technical problems. Regaining their trust may take years – if you can regain it at all.

Triton understands the implications of system downtime and the pressures that IT departments face. In addition to the dependency on high availability, it can be difficult to maintain skill levels across the numerous specialist databases and cloud platforms. For businesses that use many different types of databases, getting the right coverage in terms of DBA skills can be a real headache. It is becoming harder and harder to find an experienced DBA with expert knowledge in all areas of a database management system.

24×7 database support cover requires a minimum of three suitably skilled DBAs on the staff. Even without a 24×7 support requirement, there can be issues with cover for holidays, sickness, or parental leave.


But what if you only have one DBA?

Have you considered the consequences if they were suddenly unavailable? It may be fine if your database runs without any hitches, but it can become a major problem if any serious support issues arise.

As organisations become more reliant on their data and move essential services to the Cloud, more and more are meeting the challenge of database management with remote DBA support. That holds true for larger organisations facing skills attrition, but also smaller ones that can’t justify the cost of full-time DBAs.

By utilising an external support provider like us, we can take the pressure off and help you plan the unplanned. Crisis conditions demand swift, effective action – and with unexpected human outages, you’ll want expert consultancy that can help you get it right.

Our RemoteDBA service allows you to bring in additional expert resources to support your database management team as and when you need it reducing the risk of entrusting all the organisation’s databases to one person.

With our remote service, you only buy the service you need, according to your internal SLAs. This is especially cost-effective for smaller organisations that can’t support a full-time internal DBA.

Triton provides personalised support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring a fast, accurate response and resolution to any support issues.

RemoteDBA from Triton gives you:

  • Unlimited support calls
  • Unlimited support hours
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 20 hours of Consultancy on Demand included
  • No staff holidays to plan for
  • No parental leave to cover
  • No sick leave to manage

In these strange times, no one can say what the future will bring for the business world, but one thing is certain: strengthening and optimising your IT provision can only make it easier to deal with the unexpected. And that’s exactly what we’ll help you to do.

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