2018 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

5 Misconceptions about Outsourcing Database Support

1 – You have to outsource all of your IT support

This can be a key concern for many organisations. They can see the benefits of outsourcing or using a 3rd party provider for support but worry about whether they will have to outsource everything. With specialist or niche support providers it is possible to simply outsource one specific area of IT to that specialist provider. When it comes to DB2 Support, Triton can take over the maintenance and support of all or part of your DB2 infrastructure, you have total control over the coverage and levels of support.

2 – It’s all about cost cutting

This is one of the biggest myths about outsourcing database support. Whilst it can certainly be more cost effective to have an external support provider, this isn’t the only reason for considering whether to outsource database support.

An external DB2 support provider can back-up your in-house IT team with expert DB2 knowledge. Knowing where to go and who to ask when extra support is needed can be a huge benefit and can enable in-house IT teams to be more efficient, resolve issues more quickly and concentrate on core IT work.

During extra busy periods such as software upgrades or seasonal workload peaks an outsourcing or support agreement means that the day to day maintenance of critical DB2 databases will still be carried out.

3 – Outsourcing is only for big business

It’s a really common misconception that outsourcing is only for large enterprise organisations who want to lift and shift whole IT departments to an outsourcing provider, usually offshore. However, this is no longer the case. Many smaller organisations are now realising the benefits of outsourcing parts of their IT support functions. Smaller organisations can quickly see the benefits of improved efficiency and flexibility which outsourcing can offer.

4 – Security will be compromised

Security is a hot topic in all organisations, whether large or small. All outsourcing or external support providers should have robust security procedures in place and this is something which should be checked thoroughly before entering into a contract.

Triton’s RemoteDBA service connects to your systems via secure VPN. We are flexible and implement any remote access protocols required by your organisation.

5 – Loss of control

It’s very common for organisations to feel that any sort of outsourcing means a loss of control. However, a good outsourcing or external support provider should be able to alleviate these concerns with clear processes and good communication. Before you start working with a new provider, plan in time to speak to the team and get to know your key contacts. Help them to understand how your team works and what your expectations of the service are. Take a look at our “How to get the most out of your RemoteDBA service” blog for more tips on working with a remote database support provider.

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