2018 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

Ooops I found some DB2

It might sound somewhat unusual but sometimes organisations stumble across DB2 in their IT estate which they didn’t realise existed or that they hadn’t planned for. There can be a variety of reasons for this. When an organisation purchases a new application, it is often the case that it is shipped alongside the application vendor’s preferred database. This may be a database which is not widely used within the organisation. Most of the time, the application and the DB2 database will be installed and used with no issues. In this case, support for the underlying database isn’t considered an issue.

However, sometimes it can become a problem. Sometimes we hear from organisations who are in this very position and are having issues with a database which their IT team has little or no experience of. All of a sudden they’re in the position of effectively running an unsupported database. If this database is underpinning a mission critical application then this can cause serious issues.

Acquisition can be another cause of an unexpected occurrence of DB2. If an organisation acquires another business there may be a small DB2 installation which they weren’t expecting, perhaps under the covers of another application as in the example above. This again can cause problems when it comes to supporting the database.

For organisations that are running another database such as Oracle or SQL Server then it’s simply not cost effective to bring in a DB2 DBA to look after one instance of DB2. A Consultancy on Demand contract may be the answer. Simply purchasing 20 hours of DB2 consultancy means that if any issues arise you can call Triton who will be able to provide a consultant, either onsite or remotely to get things resolved. This is a far more cost efficient way of dealing with this type of issue. Triton’s team of DB2 experts will definitely be able to pinpoint what’s going on in the DB2 database under the covers of your application.

Find out more about Consultancy on Demand and our Flexible IT Resourcing services.

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