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How important is your organisations data?

If your answer wasn’t along the lines of “our data is absolutely vital to our business” then you can look away now, this blog isn’t for you! If, like most people you’re in agreement that your organisations data is of paramount importance to the successful running of your business then read on!

DB2 databases underpin thousands of mission critical applications and services across the world. For DBAs looking after those databases, the pressure is on. Outages, whether planned or unplanned can wreak havoc on your organisations bottom line. There’s a huge amount of research out there about how much any kind of IT outage is going to cost your organisation. Estimates range from £70,000 an hour to over £40 million in a year. This is even before you’ve taken into consideration the customer service and PR fall-out that can occur after a high profile outage. Having your mission critical databases unavailable is just not an option.

When it comes to support for mission critical DB2 databases it is absolutely key to know that you’ve got the best DB2 brains on hand. Even if you have skilled DB2 DBAs in house, covering a mission critical database 24/7 needs a serious amount of time, attention and skill. There will inevitably be times when they’re unavailable. Whether that’s due to holiday, sickness or simply when workload is too great to handle exceptional circumstances.  In those scenarios you need a robust contingency plan. This includes knowing where your DBAs can go for support or advice.

Take a look at our “Top 5 Reasons to Choose RemoteDBA” Infographic.

Mission critical DB2 databases need world-class support. With a RemoteDBA 24*7 Plus agreement you will have the brightest DB2 minds in the country on hand day or night, 365 days a year plus:

  • Unlimited support calls
  • Unlimited support hours
  • Up to 8 databases covered
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Any DB2 version covered
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 20 hours of Consultancy on Demand included

Who are our best DB2 Brains?

Julian Stuhler

Julian is a highly experienced DB2 specialist with over 30 years relational database experience working with a number of clients within the insurance, telecommunications, banking and manufacturing sectors. An IBM Gold Consultant and a former IDUG (International DB2 User Group) President, Julian is renowned in the industry for his DB2 expertise.

Paul Stoker

With over 30 years in IT, Paul is an experienced data management consultant, having spent the last 20 years specialising in database technology. Paul has highly developed project management and technical planning skills with experience in a wide range of sectors including Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Central Government and Insurance.

Iqbal Goralwalla

Iqbal is a highly experienced Information Management specialist and IBM Gold Consultant, with many years of experience in all aspects of relational databases. Iqbal has extensive project support and technical liaison experience within DB2 on LUW environments. As an IDUG board member, Iqbal is deeply involved in the DB2 community and highly respected amongst his peers. Iqbal heads up the RemoteDBA team.

The RemoteDBA team is made up of highly skilled specialist DB2 consultants; it’s not just a call centre with IT generalists. Our team of RemoteDBA consultants are DB2 through and through! Take a look at some of their technical articles.

Find out more about RemoteDBA for mission critical DB2 databases.


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