Mark Gillis

Principal Consultant

Favourite topics – Performance Tuning, BLU acceleration, Flying, Martial Arts & Cooking

Mark, our kilt-wearing, karate-kicking Db2 expert has been in IT for 30+years (started very young!) and using Db2 for 20+. He has worked on multi-terabyte international data warehouses and single-user application databases, and most enterprise solutions in between.

During his career, Mark has adopted roles outside of the conventional DBA spectrum; such as designing reporting suites for Public Sector users using ETL and BI tools to integrate Db2 and other RDMS data. He has worked extensively in the UK, but also in Europe and Australia, in diverse industry sectors such as Banking, Retail, Insurance, Petro-Chemicals, Public Sector and Airlines.

Currently, the focus of Mark’s work is in Cloud migration and support, hybrid database enablement and providing expertise in exploiting the features and functions of the latest versions of Db2.

In 2022 Mark was named an IBM Gold Consultant and has been an IBM Champion since 2015. He has attended every IDUG EMEA technical conference since 2013 (and presented at all but one of those conferences). In 2021 he was selected to (virtually) present at IDUG North America and Australasia. Mark has a series of popular blogs that are well received in the Db2 Community and beyond.


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