Paul Stoker

Director, Sales & Marketing

Favourite topics – Advanced SQL, Performance Tuning, Physical Database Design and Snowboarding

Paul has undertaken many roles including, Technical Architect, Performance Tuning specialist, Physical Data Modeler & Development/Production DBA and has also managed DBA teams, Technical Support teams, Data Migration and Database Version upgrade projects. Paul’s experience covers industry sectors such as Retail Banking, Central Government, Investment Banking, Insurance & Telecoms on projects including, modernisation of a large scale 24*7 online retail application & design/implementation of data migration processes.

Paul heads up the Sales & Marketing team as well as being actively engaged with customer projects. Most recently Paul has been working in a project management and technical planning role for Db2 z/OS version migration and conducting a review of data security/test data management.

Paul is always up for the challenge of reducing elapsed time for log running transactions or reducing CPU time of CPU hungry jobs.

When he’s not battling CPU challenges Paul can be found hurtling down the mountainside on his snowboard.

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