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It's well known that DB2 pureScale is an IT department's 'must-have' product to cope with its customers' growing workloads.  It provides outstanding database scalability which is unlimited, plus continuous availability and application transparency.  However, any single-site system, even a DB2

Enhancements to DB2 pureScale

Over the last year there have been some exciting enhancements to DB2 pureScale.  At IDUG EMEA Matt Huras, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Toronto Laboratory, gave an excellent presentation which ran through some of the key enhancements including: More platform choices -

Day 3 at IDUG EMEA – DB2 pureScale

By Iqbal Goralwalla Today was a DB2 pureScale day for me and yes, I did manage to pass a certification exam as well! The pressure is off! :-) The day started with an excellent presentation by Steve Rees (IBM) on

DB2 pureScale Performance Proven – Part 2

Delivering a resilient system is all well and good, but if it doesn’t perform adequately due to excessive clustering overheads the technology is useless. Therefore, we have also been seeing quite how far we can push our system (which is

DB2 pureScale Performance Proven Part 1

One of the major benefits of going down the pureScale route is resilience: it is possible to configure a system so there is no single point of failure, and the loss of any given component will not result in an

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