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A Perspective on Database Performance

In this article, I want to take a look at database performance, and the reasons why it remains one of the most important topics for any DBA, developer or systems administrator. I'll also cover some golden rules for performance tuning, which

Append only DB2 diagnostic log & administration?

No more in DB2 9.7! How many times have I asked customers for the DB2 diagnostic log file (db2diag.log) only to be told "it's too large to send" or "it's taking too long to open." This is because the DB2

February 2010 – Larry takes a swipe at DB2

Larry Ellison on DB2 "They can't scale out, they can't do cloud, they can't do clusters, they can't do any of this."   IBM Response: This statement has been false since the inception of DB2. DB2 Parallel Edition was brought

March 2010- Unintended consequences

We've all done it.  You see a great new feature in DB2 and jump headlong into using it without fully appreciating all of the implications.  Here's a case in point: One of our clients is a large SAP customer running

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