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Countdown Begins for DB2 v10.5 Support

End of Support Announced

Did you know the End of Support (EOS) date for DB2 v10.5 on Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms has been announced as 30th April 2020?  After this date IBM will only provide the full defect and development support assistance many mission critical databases require if a Service Extension is purchased.  To avoid extra costs, and take advantage of new features and enhanced performance, it’s time to think about upgrading.

Available since 2013 DB2 v10.5 has been a popular release with customers – providing exciting new features such as column-organised tables, enhanced availability with PureScale and HADR, and performance improvements over previous versions.  The next version of DB2, v11.1, builds on these capabilities with manageability and performance improvements for very large databases, reduced complexity to setup and administer, and improved integration with big data sources.  An updated licensing model also allows more flexibility to deploy to the cloud.

Although April 2020 seems a long time away, as the move to v11.1 is a major version upgrade thorough planning, regression and performance testing is a must to ensure a smooth transition.  It may also be time to think about moving DB2 to cloud based infrastructure.  If this impacts project delivery, or requires a project itself to secure the resources required, now is the time to plan this work in.

Triton Consulting provides a Consultancy on Demand service which is designed for customers who need varying levels of support and consultancy. This highly flexible service allows you to purchase a block of hours to be used as and when needed. You can purchase a block of 20, 50 or 100 hours which can be called off as and when you need them. The highly flexible nature of this service means that hours can be called off for DB2 version upgrades, a development piece, training or to cover DB2 skills when they’re in short supply in your team.

Read more about Consultancy on Demand or check out the DB2 for LUW v11.1 webcast series with Triton’s Iqbal Goralwalla and George Baklarz from IBM to find out more about the advances in the latest version: https://www.triton.co.uk/db2-11-for-luw/

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