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Db2 for z/OS: The Evolution Engine Webcast

Join Julian Stuhler, IBM Gold Consultant and Solutions Delivery Director at Triton Consulting for his first IBM hosted webcast of 2021.

Julian will be presenting Db2 for z/OS: The Evolution Engine on Tuesday, March 16th at 15:00 GMT (11:00 AM EDT).

Presentation Overview

For over 35 years, Db2 for z/OS has been the engine at the heart of many of the critical applications that run the world around us. From internet banking transactions to airline reservations and insurance quotations, Db2 for z/OS continues to power a huge array of today’s high volume, mission-critical enterprise applications. But how has Db2 remained so relevant given the huge technology changes that we’ve seen in the past 4 decades? This presentation will show how Db2 continues to evolve to meet the challenges of today’s (and tomorrow’s) applications, while the product’s core strengths of efficiency, resilience and openness remain as critical today as they have always been.

Topics include DevOps, cloud computing and AI in the Db2 engine, plus more.

Julian will be sharing the stage and screen with Maria Sueli from the IBM Development Lab. Maria’s presentation, Bringing Db2 applications to market faster will follow Julian’s presentation. Maria will look at how you can remove barriers that are holding your Db2 enterprise data captive in outdated methods and processes.

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