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Quantum Quests and War Stories: A Day at IBM TechXchange

IBM TechXchange Quantum and Banana Rob GoldThe day started bizarrely early for some as Labs kicked off at 8:30 AM. James Gill decided to spend his time with Quantum and a banana.

I kicked off the day with an update from IBM about Datastage and replication technology, a few interesting nuggets but mostly as you were with some new source databases added.

Then onto a very interesting and equally disturbing session on encryption and quantum computing, the little known fact that current encryption keys are likely to be hackable on a Quantum computer in a couple of hours in 12 months time should be a wakeup call for security people everywhere.  I’m sure they are already well aware of this but it sounds like there is a lot of work to be done in the next few months.

Then a dynamic lunch ( well it was advertised as dynamic) and back to the IDUG track to see John Campbell on his return to the Db2 world for his very well received session on V13 and War stories from his career scooting around the globe fixing things.

John Campbell IBM TechXchange Barcelona Triton

That was followed by Mark Gillis doing a session on the good, the bad and the ugly facts about partitioning on Db2 LUW which proved there is always something to learn even if you’ve been playing at being a DBA for 25 years.

Mark Gillis TechXchange

Last but certainly not least was a session by Jackson Thirgood and Craig Cockburn from Lloyds Banking Group on DevOPS on z/OS highlighting the excellent work they’ve been doing with a little assistance from Triton Consulting and James Gill.

Later in the evening we were all introduced to the concept of pints of Brandy, which topped off the day nicely.

TechXchange Rob Gould



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