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RemoteDBA or Consultancy on Demand. What’s the difference?

At Triton we understand that clearly defining the differences between our remote DB2 support service and Consultancy on Demand can help set important customer expectations so you can decide which solution is ultimately the best fit for your organisation and your business needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between Triton’s remote support service, RemoteDBA and Consultancy on Demand (CoD) service.

The  major difference between the two managed services is that RemoteDBA is designed for mission critical environments, where support is required during the day, evening and even 24×7. Available in personalised packages that suit you and your company you can choose from Remote DBA Office, or Remote DBA 24×7. Each package has an optional enhanced offering which allows customers to benefit from faster guaranteed response times and coverage for a larger number of databases.

RemoteDBA is designed to work with your existing staff, however it also ideal if you don’t have a dedicated DB2 DBA.

Consultancy on Demand comes in smaller, bitesize pieces. It is designed for customers who need varying levels of consultancy throughout the year. CoD is available during office hours only from 9am through to 5pm. Hours can be purchased in blocks and then used for DB2 training courses, consultancy and development work or to provide specific skills where they are lacking in the team.

CoD hours can be used as an “insurance policy” for your database. It is available on all versions of DB2 including those which are officially out of support with IBM, allowing you access to expert DB2 skills if any issues arise.

A mix of consultancy and remote support can sometimes be the best solution for a client. Our Office plus and 24/7 packages include 20 free hours of CoD to give customers the option of utilising Triton’s DB2 consultancy services on site. In addition all of our RemoteDBA contracts also include a free DB2 database health check.

Still unsure which service would work best for your organisation? Then speak to a member of the Triton team. The more information you can provide us the better prepared we will be to support your DB2 environment. Call 0870 2411550 or visit our contact us page.

Find out more about the differences between RemoteDBA and Consultancy on Demand or download the Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Remote Database Support white paper.

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