2023 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

Spine-Chilling Realities of End of Support Software

If your business runs on any End of Support (EOS) software, it’s important to understand the risks involved. We’ve conjured up the top 5 eerie facts that send IT managers into a cold sweat, giving them the heebie-jeebies long after the witching hour.


1 – Security Vulnerabilities that Haunt the Night: When Db2 software reaches its end of support, no critical fixes or updates are offered unless you’re willing to purchase an IBM extension contract at a spine-tingling cost. Without this lifeline, your Db2 and entire IT environment are exposed to known and lurking security threats, making your data a tempting treat for cyberattacks and potential breaches.


2 – Compliance and Legal Spirits: Staying on unsupported Db2 versions can land you in compliance and legal issues, especially in industries with strict regulatory requirements. Failure to comply could summon hefty fines, legal battles, and a reputation that lingers in the corporate world.


3 – Productivity Ghouls: Unsupported Db2 versions disrupt the harmony of your IT ecosystem. They may not play well with newer hardware and software, leading to compatibility issues and a spine-chilling drop in efficiency. Your business operations move at a slower pace, downtime looms around every corner, and your support and maintenance costs rise like zombies from the grave.


4 – Vanishing Technical Support: With IBM’s support out of the picture, your IT team is left to fend for themselves in the dark forest of technical issues. This adds an unbearable workload and leaves your team struggling to cast off problems with limited resources and expertise.


5 – Innovation from Beyond the Grave: Outdated Db2 software is like a ghost of technology past, unable to access the latest features and innovations. It opens up a gap between your organisation and competitors who embrace the latest software advancements.


Our RemoteDBA service and Consultancy on Demand offer a lifeline for those plagued by these ghostly realities. We specialise in helping you exorcise these software demons by providing expert guidance, support, and seamless migrations to the latest Db2 versions. Don’t let these ghoulish facts keep you up at night; contact us to ensure your Db2 software continues to serve you without the fear of the unknown.

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