2022 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

The clock goes Tick Tock on DB2 11.1

Nothing ever lasts forever. That holds true for DB2 11.1 for LUW. From 30th April 2022 IBM will no longer provide guaranteed support of DB2 11.1 unless a service extension is arranged – at a cost.

Technology is fast paced and constantly evolving, so it’s understandable that not every software version can remain supported forever. When software is no longer supported, fixes are no longer available, and it soon becomes outdated and vulnerable. By continuing to run your systems on outdated software, you put your data and your business at risk.

Just as software and technology change, so do cyber threats. Cybercriminals exploit weaknesses in outdated software increasing the risk of ransomware attacks, malware, and data breaches. The longer you leave outdated software the worse it will get.

By upgrading to the latest DB2 version organisations can:

  • Reduce security vulnerabilities
  • Maintain software compatibility
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve performance
  • Increase reliability

With less than two months until the EOS date, Triton would like to encourage all customers who haven’t completed their migration from DB2 11.1 to DB2 11.5 to do so. The earlier the upgrade, the sooner you benefit from the new features DB2 11.5 offers.

Triton’s Top 3 DB2 11.5 features are:

  1. Enabling DB2LOGARCHIVE to use S3 as a target – This neat new feature allows a DB2 recovery strategy that is 100% based on S3!
  2. DB2 Graph – Graph database + Relational database in one store. You can now overlay a graph on top of DB2 data, and query DB2 via Gremlin language.
  3. Pacemaker with Automated HADR, which provides high availability and disaster recovery capabilities for on-premises deployments and non-container cloud environments, such as Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Look at our DB2 11.5 series of blogs for more of our top features.

In the meantime, don’t try and make your EOS software last forever. Contact us to start your DB2 upgrade.

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