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Triton Consulting adds Db2 for z/OS Tool Replacement to its Portfolio of Client Services

As part of a strategic update of its Modernisation Services, Triton Consulting, the independent data management and digital transformation service provider, has just added Db2 for z/OS Tool Replacement to its portfolio of client services.

Triton Consulting is renowned in the industry for its data expertise and specialises in helping clients modernise their systems.

The new Db2 for z/OS Tool Replacement service support organisations switching from their current Db2 product or vendor to an alternative solution. Clients may choose to adopt Db2 for z/OS Tool replacement for a variety of reasons, such as concerns about inadequate customer support from their current provider, a desire to access new features or to take advantage of additional performance opportunities.

Irrespective of the motivation, the main delivery challenge revolves around transitioning from one set of tools to another. This switch can be a complex and time-consuming process that requires proper planning and execution to ensure successful delivery.

James Gill, Head of Modernisation Services “Our clients are increasingly seeking assistance in replacing their Db2 tools, and we have been able to help them streamline their tooling by adopting new products. It has led to significant improvements in performance and substantial savings in license costs. 

We provide our clients with the most suitable tools to achieve their business goals and are no longer restricted to outdated tools from a single supplier. With our help, our clients can boost performance, enhance productivity, and unleash the full potential of their data infrastructure.”    


How Triton can help with Db2 for z/OS Tool Replacement

If you are considering switching from one Db2 product or vendor to another, Triton can help you seamlessly migrate all your utilities and operations. We will work with you to establish processes and protocols that will help you achieve a smooth transition in tooling with no disruption to your daily operations.

We will provide project management, coordination, and management reporting throughout the tool replacement project, working alongside your chosen third-party migration partners if required. In addition, we provide ongoing management, including technical support and staff training. Check out our Db2 Tool Replacement case study for a UK Bank to see our expertise in action.

If you are considering a tool replacement project, don’t hesitate to contact us on 44 (0)870 2411 550 or email info@triton.co.uk 

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