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Triton Deliver DevOps for Data Service

Triton Consulting, Experts in Hybrid Data Management and Digital Transformation have today announced the launch of Triton’s DevOps for Data service.

DevOps is about deeper collaboration and co-ordination between software development and IT operations. By adopting DevOps technology leaders can revolutionise their IT systems at unprecedented speed, getting new features and products to market faster.

Triton’s DevOps for Data service extends the traditional DevOps project to ensure the data requirements are met. Triton’s new offering makes it easier for development teams to keep pace with the demands of the business whilst satisfying the need for data integrity and database performance.

For many businesses, integrating the database is the last piece of the DevOps puzzle.  As the cornerstone of any application, the mix of art and science required to produce a performant, secure, reliable database can seem impossible to master with modern DevOps techniques.

Getting the data element right is key to the success of any application, and many organisations are realising that it is a vital factor in achieving the overall business benefits promised by DevOps.

According to a recent Database DevOps survey by DBmeastro 97% of respondents* agreed that the database should be an integral part of the DevOps pipeline. Yet, only 23% of respondents agreed that they had fully integrated the database into their DevOps pipeline.

Almost half of DBAs spend up to 50% of their working hours on manual database releases, and 35% spend upwards of 75% of their working hours on manual database releases.

With DevOps for Data, you can advance development on multiple tracks at once. Code that affects the database can be safely deployed many times per day via continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) techniques, enabling your organisation to react to changing markets and customer needs faster than the competition whilst giving back the time DBAs need to concentrate on more pressing issues.

Julian Stuhler, Operations Director and IBM Gold Consultant “I’m thrilled that we are finally bringing Triton’s DevOps expertise to market and launching our DevOps for Data service.

“The Triton team has already helped many large organisations adopt DevOps for Data, supporting clients across all sectors. Our work has already brought us, and our clients, IT industry awards for innovation. With our help, our clients have accelerated their test and delivery cycles and achieved multi-million-pound savings. What used to take them months can now be done in minutes”.

If you have just begun your DevOps journey or need assistance resolving data bottlenecks then contact our team of experts. We’ll help you determine where you are on your journey and advise on the next steps.


Start your DevOps success story.


*1000 IT, DevOps and Database professionals

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