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  • A useful tip for all you DB2 z/OS types
    When you use stored procedures that have a USS component or function embedded, you have to start using the RACF PROGRAM class to ensure that module access is controlled and the environment is allowed to run. The problem with this is that the class re

  • DB2 for z/OS Plan Stability

  • DB2 Red Alert - DB2 10 Data Sharing Customers

  • DB2 z/OS Quick Tuning Tip
    Anyone who has spent any time tuning DB2 for z/OS applications will know how painful the occasional dataset open/close process can be - there's even a specific accounting class 3 suspend counter for it. The problem is even worse when large numbers of

  • How many DB2 for z/OS Stored Procedures?

  • IP Addresses of Database Connections
    Ever needed to track down those pesky connections to a database you’re trying to backup?

    If you make use of RTS and DEFINE NO, you might want to review your processes to ensure that you're picking up all of the tablespaces you should be, read on for more info.....