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DB2 Native REST API – 11 – DB2 RACF Access Control Exit DSNXRXAC

Introduction Many customers make use of the RACF Access Control sample exit (DSNXRXAC) to pass security control within DB2 to their security teams. This puts access to DB2 objects and resources under the control of RACF (other security products are

Getting the Skinny in Philly: What’s New in DB2 for z/OS?

This week I had the opportunity to attend a DB2 Gold Consultant's Briefing, which ran back-to-back with the IDUG North America Conference in Philadelphia: a grand total of 6 days of in-depth technical presentations and a great excuse to catch

DB2 Native REST API – Python

Introduction Whilst I haven’t used Python for a while, it has always been the playground for geeks. With it’s C-like look and feel and it’s huge array of extension libraries there’s very little it can’t do. I was prompted to

DB2 Native REST API – Bonus Features with APARs PI86867/8

Introduction In the last blog we focused on the new TSO/Batch BIND SERVICE and FREE SERVICE and a sample DB2XML UDF to drive services from z/OS. In doing so, we skated over some of the other features that were delivered

DB2 Native REST API – Creating Services from TSO / Batch

Introduction One of the challenges that we’ve faced working with the DB2 for z/OS native REST API is the mid-range nature of the interface when creating services. This doesn’t sit so well with the existing mainframe landscape and administration processes

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