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Db2 for z/OS-locking for Application Developers

Db2 for z/OS Locking Gareth Copplestone-Jones This eBook expands and improves on my earlier blog series, ‘Db2 for z/OS-locking for Application Developers’. It focuses on the role of the application programmer in collaborating with the locking mechanisms provided by Db2 to ensure data integrity. It’s also relevant to application designers, database administrators, and Db2 systems programmers.

The book covers a lot of ground, including the theoretical underpinnings of database locking, and the practical implications of various application programming strategies, especially in OLTP environments. Hopefully it will be of use to you in your day-to-day work when deciding the most appropriate techniques for ensuring data integrity in high-concurrency workloads.

Download the new eBook Db2 for z/OS-locking for Application Developers.

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