2022 Posted by Rob Gould

IDUG EMEA Edinburgh – Day 3

After attending events the evening before, it was an early start to attend Mark Rader’s excellent session on Db2 z/OS Data Sharing.

We spent Tuesday catching up with old friends and making new ones between the sessions. We even managed to squeeze in some work.

Dolly the Sheep in EdinburghThe last of Triton’s sessions at IDUG 2022 was by Gareth Copplestone-Jones. Gareth’s presentation on Managing APPLCOMPAT for DRDA Applications was well attended and provoked many follow-up discussions.

In the evening, we wandered up to the National Museum of Scotland for a reception from IBM, where we had the awards ceremony. Whilst there, we got to look around the museum, where we discovered Dolly, the cloned sheep. Dolly is now kept in a glass box for future generations to see.

In other news, Damir Wilder is still searching for the legendary but highly elusive deep-fried Mars Bar, but on the plus side, he has discovered he likes Haggis.





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