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Around the World with Triton’s Digital Duo

As the world mourns the loss of the digital dance duo Daft Punk, Triton Consulting is sending its very own duo of digital pioneers Mark Gillis and Damir Wilder around the world – virtually.

IBM Champions Mark and Damir were delighted to get the call that they had been selected to present at IDUG Australasia and IDUG North America Tech Conferences.

Eagerly planning which IDUG polo shirts to pack, it wasn’t long before reality set in……this year’s IDUG conferences would be virtual ones.

Having got over their disappointment, Mark and Damir were pleased to discover there will be plenty of opportunities for them to sharpen their skills remotely. This year’s Australasia conference is jam-packed with live Q&A sessions and over 65 live and on-demand technical sessions, including their own.

Mark and Damir’s presentations were extremely well received when they presented to a virtual audience for IDUG EMEA. So much so, that they have also been asked to present again, this time at the IDUG DB2 North America Tech Conference starting on the 7th June.

You can find details of Mark and Damir’s presentation below. In the meantime, do your homework and take a closer look at the full agenda and register for this year’s Australasia event which takes place from 15-19th March 2021.


Foreign Affairs: Understanding Foreign Keys and Their Impact by Mark Gillis

Track B – Wednesday 17th March


Although Foreign Keys are the basis of referential integrity and, therefore, integral to the design and operation of a relational database, they are often poorly designed, maintained or operated. Like most of the tools available to the DBA, they are of great benefit when used well and a performance killer when used badly.

I am proposing, in this presentation, to present real-life examples of Foreign Key usage, to highlight the pitfalls of them being used in a sub-optimal fashion, to share some tools and techniques for examining and operating them and to highlight some of the problems and gotchas.


  • Overview: description and design of Foreign Keys
  • Letting invalid data in: what FKs are supposed to avoid
  • Getting invalid data out: the implications of cleaning up your data
  • Performance impact: pros and cons
  • The benefit of not using Foreign Keys

Migrating DB2 to the AWS Cloud: Mission Impossible – Completed by Damir Wilder

Track B Friday 19th March


This is a sequel to a last year’s presentation on a then ongoing migration from an on-premise Db2 V11.1 mission-critical database to an AWS Cloud installation. The migration has been completed since, quite successfully and this presentation will pick up where the last one stopped, showing exactly what was done and how, including further lessons learnt and tips for others considering a similar DB2 migration.


  • Where we were last year
  • The actual migration: how it went
  • Parallelization to the rescue
  • Why testing is so important
  • Improvements in the database
  • Where we are right now

If you would like to find out more about what our digital duo get excited about you can access their blogs below.

Mark Gillis

Damir Wilder

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