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IDUG NA 2022 Line-up Revealed

The full line-up has been revealed for IDUG NA 2022, with the Db2 Tech Conference set to take place at Boston Sheraton on 11th – 14th July.  

Having earned its reputation as the largest and most prestigious Db2 technical conference; the IDUG NA event is shaping up to be one of the best. It will be the first on-site IDUG conference since the start of the global pandemic.

For those who have not attended before, IDUG conferences consist of educational seminars, workshops and over 100 dynamic sessions. The conferences provide fantastic opportunities for those seeking to expand their knowledge and connect with like-minded experts.

The IDUG NA conference will be a hybrid event, so registrants can either participate online or attend in person and enjoy face to face presentations and educational workshops.


Triton trio head to Boston

We are pleased to announce that three of the Triton team will be heading to Boston for the conference.  

Gareth Copplestone-Jones and Mark Gillis will be presenting, while Iqbal Goralwalla will continue his current role as IDUG President.

The IDUG North America Conference Planning Committee (CPC) is in the process of finalising this year’s schedule. Further announcements on the expert panels and education sessions are in the pipeline. We will share any updates as soon as they become available, but here is what we know about Triton’s presentation so far.

Presenter: Gareth Copplestone-Jones

IBM Gold Consultant and IBM Champion for Data and AI

Presentation Title: APPLCOMPAT, NULLID and me

Where: Room F

Abstract: With the advent of Continuous Delivery and Function Levels in Db2 12 for z/OS; some users now face the challenge of managing the application compatibility level of DRDA applications that are dependent on the NULLID packages. This presentation discusses the challenges this presents and discusses ways of selectively applying appropriate APPLCOMPAT attributes at the application level, and even at the level of the individual application program.

In addition to his presentation, Gareth will also be running a special interest group. More details to follow.

Presenter: Mark Gillis

IBM Gold Consultant and IBM Champion for Data and AI

Presentation Title: Is your database healthy? A one-stop check via Jupyter Notebooks

Where: Room D

Abstract: Even with the most sophisticated self-tuning and self-administering database, it is still useful to have it checked over. Technology is becoming increasingly more adept at examining itself; recommending improvements and highlighting potential problems long before it becomes an issue. But would you still fly on an airliner that was never serviced and flagged up problems to the ground-crew as and when it thought it should?

Whether your database is on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid, an examination of its configuration, design and performance is highly advisable. With the combined expertise of over a century of Db2 knowledge, we’ve encapsulated the most critical and some of the more esoteric issues into a single Jupyter Notebook, allowing your database to be given a health check wherever it resides and whatever it does.

Find out how by registering here.

Not to be missed

There will be so many fantastic presentations throughout the week but here are a few of our top picks:

Presentation Title: 2022 Edition + Db2 13 – Db2 for z/OS Development “SWAT Tales”

Who: Anthony Ciabattoni

Where: Room A

Abstract: The session will concentrate on new SWAT team experiences. Various unexpected outcomes and behaviors will be discussed, as well as hot technical items customers are exploiting and some technologies that have been challenging for them.

Presentation Title: Latest from the Lab

Who: Keri Romanufa

Where: Room C

Abstract: This session will take a peek ahead at what is coming in the 4Q release.

Presentation Title: In the World of Ransomware, Protecting Your Db2 for z/OS Assets is Vital

Who: Robert Tikes

Where: Room B

Abstract: In the world today where Ransomware attacks are crippling businesses, it is important to take security and vulnerability management seriously. We must take action to protect our most valuable asset in Db2 the Data.

Presentation Title: Mainframe Modernization – What About the Data?

Who: Greg DeBo

Where: Room G

Abstract: Most Mainframe Modernization discussions focus on the application, but there’s also so much that can be done with data. We will talk about IDAA for analytics and the use of virtualization technologies to simplify access to mainframe data (not just Db2).

Presentation Title: Running Db2 in Containers: Tips and Tricks from the Real World

Who: Ember Crooks

Where: Room G

Abstract: Join Ember to learn from her experience running Db2 in a containerized environment outside of Cloud Pak for data. What are the decision points for running Db2 in containers? What skills and technologies do you need to develop and think about?



For those hoping to present at IDUG EMEA 2022 in Edinburgh, do not forget to submit your abstracts by 29th April 2022. Start here.

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